Westfield Rosny 2


Energy saved


Shopping center
168 000 Sqf

156,000 m2



Real-time control and predictive management of HVAC equipment (On/Off, setpoints, airflow):

Production :

Gas boilers, chillers, cooling towers, EC/EG pumps, condenser.

Zones :

Air handling units, fan coil units.

Visible results within :

4 weeks.

  • Production: Gas boilers, chillers, cooling towers, EC/EG pumps, condenser.
  • Zones: Air handling units, fan coil units.
  • Visible results within: 4 weeks.

Real-time and predictive control of HVAC equipment (ON/OFF, setpoints, water flows, airflow):

  • Production : gas boilers, chillers, cooling towers, evaporator loop, condenser loop, water pumps.

  • Zones : Air handling units (AHU) air flows, air mix, hot / chilled water valves.

  • Visible results within : 4 weeks.


Valentin Lê
Technical Director - Rosny 2
The deployment of THERMOSPHR has allowed us to substantially reduce our CO2 footprint, achieve over 39% savings on our HVAC energy bill, and enhance the comfort of our customers. The installation process was effortless, and results were delivered fast.


Westfield Rosny 2 is a building from the 1970s, poorly insulated, and equipped with aging devices. The Building Management System (BMS) frequently experiences malfunctions, which requires partial manual operations of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment.


The THERMOSPHR technicians covered of the installation from A to Z. A half-day on-site launch, including:

  • Technical exchange with the maintenance team
  • Connecting a 4G gateway to the BMS
  • Visiting the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) installations

The HVAC controls by THERMOSPHR were ready to be tested and launched within 3 weeks.


In the first year of operation, THERMOSPHR achieved:

  • 39% energy savings
  • +36% improvement in occupants' comfort
  • €350,000 in energy bill savings

THERMOSPHR detected and reported over 50 HVAC critical alerts, and provided an action plan for the top 10 energy-saving priorities, out of which 3 were implemented by the client, resulting in 9% additional energy savings.

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