Thermal efficiency for real estate
A unique thermal modeling technology powering a suite of SaaS solutions for space heating and cooling optimisation
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Smarten up your property with advanced thermal engineering

Plug-and-play SaaS

Thermosphr's technology leverages existing data in your building.
Our 4G gateway connects to the BMS data in real time.
Setup takes just a few minutes, first energy savings are visible within 2 weeks.

Real-time control

Thermosphr controls HVAC systems in real time and entirely remotely.
You improve occupants' comfort while reducing your CO2 footprint and energy bill.
Our solution increases energy efficiency by >30%.

Actionable insights

Thermosphr streams existing building data into our thermodynamic model to create a thermal digital twin of your property.
Beyond live controls, we can assist you by delivering predictive maintenance alerts, advising on equipment sizing, or identifying sources of thermal leakage to fix.

Thermosphr's benefits

+ 30 % efficiency

whether on your energy costs or CO2 emissions

In 2 weeks

get first visible results

Actionable insights

to improve the energy efficiency throughout the building lifecycle

How it works

Fast and easy setup tailor-made for your property

1.   Align

On objectives (costs, energy usage, comfort, CO2 emissions...).
On technical aspects with the property engineering team

2.   Plug-in

Connect our gateway on site in just a few minutes

3.   Deliver

Live HVAC controls for optimal comfort and efficiency

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