Energy saved


Veolia Facilities
168 000 Sqf

23,000 m²


Real-time control and predictive management of HVAC equipment (On/Off, setpoints, airflow):

Production :

Zones :

Visible results within :

  • Production: Gas boilers, chillers, cooling towers, EC/EG pumps, condenser.
  • Zones: Air handling units, fan coil units.
  • Visible results within: 4 weeks.

Real-time and predictive control of HVAC equipment (ON/OFF, setpoints, water flows, airflow):

  • Production: district heating heat exchanger, multiple chillers, cooling towers, evaporator loop, condenser loop, water pumps.

  • Zones: Air handling units (AHU) air flows, air mix, hot / chilled water valves.

  • Visible results within: 4 weeks.


In the month following activation, Thermosphr already achieved over 30% savings while maintaining comfort. Besides the great results, we appreciate the expertise of their engineers and their transparent communication. The onboarding is efficient and requires minimum work from our teams. We look forward to further projects together!


This BREEAM excellent in use site has a complex setup with 2 buildings and multiple tenants. The customer demanded that comfort always be prioritized over savings.


The installation was entirely performed remotely with the assistance of the on-site maintenance technicians. The building posed some key technical challenges that were addressed by Thermosphr:

  • Strict occupant comfort targets
  • Multiple usages, including all-year long chilled water production for processes (IT servers...)
  • Exposure to extreme winter temperatures with no freezing protection
  • BREEAM excellent in use certified site with good performance

The HVAC controls by THERMOSPHR were ready to be tested and launched within 2 weeks.


On this project THERMOSPHR achieved:

  • 35% energy savings
  • 98% within target for occupant comfort
  • 720 MWh energy savings

THERMOSPHR reported critical alerts on key HVAC equipment that had not been detected due to faulty sensors. A safety plan to prevent fluid freezing during winter was successfully deployed and automated, resulting in substantial savings.

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