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SPIE Facilities
168 000 Sqf

19,000 m²



Real-time control and predictive management of HVAC equipment (On/Off, setpoints, airflow):

Production :

Gas boilers, chillers, dry coolers, heat pumps, water pumps

Zones :

Air handling units (AHU) air flows, air mix, hot / chilled water valves, heating / cooling ceilings

Visible results within :

4 weeks

  • Production: Gas boilers, chillers, cooling towers, EC/EG pumps, condenser.
  • Zones: Air handling units, fan coil units.
  • Visible results within: 4 weeks.

Real-time and predictive control of HVAC equipment (ON/OFF, setpoints, water flows, airflow):

  • Production: gas boilers, chillers, dry coolers, heat pumps, water pumps.

  • Zones: Air handling units (AHU) air flows, air mix, hot / chilled water valves, heating / cooling ceilings.

  • Visible results within: 4 weeks.


Alice KEBE
Head of Department - SPIE Facilities
THERMOSPHR enabled us to achieve energy performance beyond our clients' targets. Our on-site teams and our energy managers like the efficiency of the solution as well as the availability of the support team any day. We are very satisfied with the collaboration!


This BREEAM excellent office building was operated by SPIE in the context of an energy performance contract. THERMOSPHR was called in to increase the performance of the site after energy managers were unable to perform further improvements due to the dysfunctional BMS


THERMOSPHR's team conducted the whole installation including:

  • Technical interview with the maintenance team
  • Gateway connection
  • Review of the HVAC equipment

The site presented some unique technical challenges, including a sophisticated - and defective - hot water production staging logic, and known issues related to condensation during summer.

THERMOSPHR's HVAC autopilot was operational within 2 weeks after the connection of the building.


THERMOSPHR achieved:

  • 41% energy savings
  • 87% comfort (temperature within the setpoint range)
  • 1,207 MWh of gas and electricity saved

Besides energy savings, THERMOSPHR successfully implemented automated scenarios for grid demand-response to reduce the building's consumption during peak alerts on the electricity grid.

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