HBB Forum Schwanthalerhöhe


Energy saved


Shopping Center
168 000 Sqf

45,000 m²


Real-time control and predictive management of HVAC equipment (On/Off, setpoints, airflow):

Production :

Zones :

Visible results within :

  • Production: Gas boilers, chillers, cooling towers, EC/EG pumps, condenser.
  • Zones: Air handling units, fan coil units.
  • Visible results within: 4 weeks.

Real-time predictive control of HVAC equipment (On/Off, setpoints, airflow):

  • Production: district heating heat exchangers, chillers, dry coolers, condenser loop, water pumps.

  • Zones: Air handling units, radiators.

  • Visible results within: 3 weeks.


We are very satisfied with the great energy savings achieved by THERMOSPHR as well as the smooth and fast integration. They understand the specific operational needs in retail and communicate efficiently with our technical teams. We are happy to deploy the solution on more buildings.


Forum Schwanthalerhöhe is a new building delivered in 2019 with a sophisticated Building Management System (BMS) and advanced Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) programming. Already before the deployment of THERMOSPHR, the shopping center was very energy efficient due to its modern architecture and setup.


THERMOSPHR's experts conducted the whole installation within 3h:

  • Technical interview with the maintenance team
  • Gateway connection
  • Review of the HVAC equipment

THERMOSPHR's HVAC autopilot was operational 2 weeks after the on-site visit.


In the first year of operation, THERMOSPHR achieved:

  • 28% energy savings
  • 98% comfort (temperature within the setpoint range)
  • 100% reliability on chilled water delivery for processes
  • 265 MWh of electricity and district heating saved

THERMOSPHR detected multiple BMS malfunctions and managed to implement corrective measures to control equipment that had been operated manually until then.

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