The most advanced SaaS solution for efficient HVAC

Over 40% of a property's energy consumption comes from HVAC, of which over a third is wasted.
Optimal HVAC control requires constant monitoring and adjustment of hundreds of controls and devices, a task impossible for humans in dynamic buildings.
Thermosphr's thermal solutions solve the complex equation of HVAC optimization with a unique predictive control technology, specifically developed for real estate.

Predictive HVAC controls

Thermosphr's technology anticipates the demand and adjusts HVAC optimally

Compatible all BMS

We can plug Thermosphr on all systems, regardless of the brand or communication protocol

Real-time automation

Thermosphr controls the HVAC equipment entirely remotely, you can sit back!

Thermal modeling for real estate

Thermal digital twin for buildings

Thermosphr's SaaS solution onboards a thermal digital twin technology that models the thermodynamics of your property.
Our dynamic model is customized for each building to: 

  • predict indoor temperature variations
  • model your HVAC equipment efficiency
  • calculate optimized HVAC settings
  • deliver insights on building performance
bms add-on

Leverage existing BMS data

BMS controlled HVAC generates a lot of data. Thermosphr brings the right intelligence to exploit it to its maximum potential.
Thermosphr SaaS is compatible with all BMS protocols, and requires no extra sensor installation.

control automation

Automated HVAC management

Complex BMS rule and schedule setup are inaccurate and time-consuming.
Thermosphr automatically optimizes and controls HVAC settings in real time. Of course, you can take over manually anytime.

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